Georgetown Billiards

Best Billiards and Tavern in Sussex County

The bar serves beer and other beverages. We offer both domestic beer and beer on tap.

The beer menu consists of:

Bottles Drafts
Budweiser $3

Bud Lite $3

Miller Lite $3

Coors Light $3

Sam Adams $3

Mikes Hard Lemonade $3

Smirnof Ice $3

Becks $3

Corona $4

Yuengling $2.50

Coors Light $2.50

Bud Lite $2.50

Angry Orchard – Chrisp Apple $4

We also serve wine coolers, several brands of soda, and bottled water.

We have a popcorn machine that is free and we also sell several different types of snacks and munchies.